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What is Oil Trader Pro?

Oil Trader Pro is a robust and all-in-one trading solution allowing you to trade crude and refined oil trading platforms. It equips traders with the latest insights, advanced features, and various tools that help them better understand the commodity market.

Therefore, this robust oil trading platform is the ultimate place to trade crude oil and other energy products. It allows you to focus on making the most of your trading experience rather than dealing with the technicalities of the platform.

Oil Trader Pro also connects traders, various platforms, and the wholesale refined and crude oil network so you can better understand all these things. This enables effortless transactions of light ends, such as LPG/NGLs and naphtha, through a single display. As a result, you don't have to go through different platforms since you can manage everything from one place.

It provides a seamless trading experience to traders at all levels. So, whether you have years of experience in trading commodities or just starting in the industry, you can easily use this platform to trade oil. The trading platform is intuitive and seamless, allowing you to have an amazing trading platform.

Not just that, the Oil Trader Pro 's interface and dashboard gives you a complete idea about changing market concepts. You'll get access to various advanced trading tools and data analytics to help you decide.

Furthermore, the automatic functionalities and market scans can allow you to create unique trading strategies. As a result, it will allow you to hopefully make smart decisions and assist you with portfolio management.

A Complete Package That Allows You to Have an Advantage over Other Traders

The Oil Trader Pro is an all-one solution for all trading companies, oil trading houses, brokerage houses, and individual traders. If you want a reliable, secure, easy-to-use platform that offers a seamless experience, then the Oil Trader Pro is the optimal choice.

The platform's advanced framework and techniques allow it to leverage the oil industry's most recent and creative data sets. They are combined to help you convert it into a real-time and actionable insight through which you can make the right decisions.

Not just that, you can also use advanced charting tools that can help you understand the changing market dynamics. Furthermore, the user-friendly interface and access to global markets will give you a better idea of the changing trends. Using the Oil Trader Pro, you can easily carry out the core oil analytics without any difficulty. As a result, you can have sufficient time to focus on the things that matter the most.

One thing about trading oil and other energy products is that you don't want to make decisions based on speculations. While the oil market might not be as volatile as the crypto, the rapid speculations can make it difficult to predict how the value of this commodity will play out in the future.

Therefore, you need to have the right platform by your side that allows you to conduct technical and fundamental analysis. That is why the Oil Trader Pro equips you with a wide range of features and tools you can use to your advantage.

Access the Amazing Trading Tools and Features

Oil Trader Pro understands how it can be difficult to understand this complex commodity. Therefore, you need to better understand what is going on in the market to make a decision. With the help of Oil Trader Pro, you can actually make sense of what the global commodity is all about.

It allows commodity traders and users of all experience levels to make well-calculated trading decisions. You can easily trade oil and energy products without having trouble using the Oil Trader Pro.

Using its refined proprietary forecasting and modeling tactics, you can understand how the demand and supply, the global economic and political trends, and their impact on oil and refined energy product prices.

The oil trading platform also allows you to use the platforms' features to manage a wide range of assets, like the US oil futures and options, according to your needs. The platform also executes the transactions without getting you involved in the technicalities and complexities that are usually there in different markets.

Developed by some of the best tech experts on a highly secure tech infrastructure, the platform is a top pick for many traders and other intuitions, including commercial banks.

Geopolitical Factors and Players That Can Impact the Oil Prices

Oil is one of the most powerful commodities in the modern world. It is not only considered a product but many countries with a huge reserve of this commodity can take advantage of it for their geopolitical benefits. This is quite evident in the past when countries have tampered with the supply of commodities in the past to put pressure on others. Therefore, it is vital to understand these changing situations where the oil prices saw a huge movement so you can know how the oil prices will play out in case something similar happens in certain regions. This way, you can analyze the changing market situation and decide accordingly.


Russia–Ukraine conflict is one of the most recent examples of how geopolitical issues caused oil prices to increase significantly in just a matter of months. Not just that, it also led to a fresh wave of inflation seriously impacting almost every other country in the world. It was in February 2022 when Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a full-scale invasion of its neighboring country Ukraine.

While the leaders in Europe and the US tried to convince and pressurize Vladimir Putin not to make that decision, the country still went on to invade the neighboring nation of Ukraine. This was followed by a wide range of sanctions and restrictions on petroleum products, including oil, on Russia to crush this country economically. Furthermore, it was cut off from the SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) payment method.

With Russia's continued assault, the price of a single barrel crossed the $100 mark for the first time since 2014. It almost touched $130 in the next few months of way. Concerns about supply problems were the root cause of the price increase. It was becoming evident that Russian oil would be difficult to get from the international markets. Russia is the biggest oil producer globally, as per the stats by the IEA (International Energy Agency).

The US declared its intention to restrict the import of Russian oil in March 2022. Soon after, the price of crude oil rose to almost $130 per barrel. Even the European countries were planning to cut back the import of Russian energy products.

The United States and other IEA members declared they would release 60 million barrels from their strategic oil reserves to address supply difficulties. This move was intended to ease the pressure on the tight supply that was causing oil prices to rise rapidly. Even still, while the fighting persisted into early April, the price of crude oil remained far above $100 per barrel. The primary reason was that there was uncertainty about how long the conflict will endure and how it may alter the global environment.

Arab Spring

Apart from wars and conflicts, social unrest can cause oil prices to reach an all-time high. The Arab Spring, which refers to the unrest and movements against the local governments in various counties, including Libya, Tunisia, and Egypt, was the primary reason for the oil prices to increase significantly in 2011.

After the social unrest in these countries during the spring of 2011, traders were concerned about the oil prices due to the unrest. Their concerns were genuine since the movement caused the oil prices to go above the $100 mark in the first week of March 2011 and peaked at around $113 per barrel in late April.

The Arab peninsula is a region rich in oil and has various reserves. So, any movement, conflict, or any changes can be concerning for oil traders. For example, during the summer of 2006, the potential threat of the Israel-Lebanon war also caused the prices to go up. The price of one oil barrel went up from $71 in May 2006 to $77, which was a record high at that time in just 2 months.


Just like Russia, Iran is also one of the oil exporters in the world, and it has been involved in various geopolitical issues throughout the region. Therefore, it also has the potential to impact the overall oil pricing by disrupting the supply of this commodity.

In January 2012, UN inspectors discovered that Iran was inching closer and closer to developing nuclear weapon capabilities. This raised the eyebrows of various international organizations and countries, including the US, UK, France, etc.

As a result of this development, the US and EU responded by placing financial sanctions. Iran responded by threatening to shut down the Strait of Hormuz, one of the most crucial shipping lanes. Tensions grew at an all-time high when the US responded that they would use military force to reopen the Strait of Hormuz.

In the wake of this geopolitical movement, oil prices stayed between $97 to $100 from November 2011 to January 2012. The price of an oil barrel went up to $108 in February 2012, and it continued to stay above the $100 mark till the end of April. It also caused the gas prices to top up the $3.50 mark for a gallon in April 2012.

Why Oil Trader Pro for Oil Trading?

Advanced Trading Tools and Various Chart Types

The trading platform allows you to use data analytics and various advanced trading tools to help you decide.

Additionally, you'll also have access to different chart types through this platform that can help you understand bar and line charts.

Safe and Secure

The robust trading platform is built on an infrastructure that is safe and secure and offers complete reliability. As a result, you can ensure that the personal information you add to the platform remains safe.

Security is one of the major concerns for traders today. But with the Oil Trader Pro, you can easily trust this platform with the state-of-the-art encryption protocols and advanced mechanisms.

Premium Learning Material

Oil Trading is undoubtedly a new adventure for most people, and learning about the technicalities of this field is important. That is why you can benefit from the learning resources and materials available on the platform.


What has an impact on oil prices?

Three key variables influence oil prices: present supply, projected supply, and anticipated global demand. There can be other factors, such as a possible change in geopolitical affairs, that can cause the supply to go up.

40% of the world's oil is under the hands of OPEC members. As a result, a variety of occurrences that have an effect on either the oil supply, like the Russia-Ukraine war or its anticipated demand, like the COVID-19 pandemic, will affect the price of oil.

Why did the cost of oil increase in 2022?

Oil prices reached their highest levels since 2014 following Russia's invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. The country Russia is one of the world's leading exporters and producers of oil.

It is also using the oil as a tool to leverage its position in the war. As a result of the international community's sanctions against Russia, the oil supply was impacted. This is one of the main reasons the price of oil surged in 2022.

What is the current price of a barrel for crude oil?

As of May 2022, the current price of the Brent crude oil barrel is around $72.78. The prices went to the highest limit of $130 in May 2022, but it has been coming down ever since then.

Can a world crisis impact the price of crude oil?

Yes, any geopolitical development has the potential to disrupt the oil supply and demand. Oil traders must keep a close on these factors that will help them get a better idea about how the prices will play out in the future.

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